Include file:

#include "mcrl2/atermpp/aterm_int.h
class atermpp::aterm_int

An integer term stores a single std::size_t value. It carries no arguments.

A special function symbol is used to identify integer terms internally.

Public member functions

aterm_int() noexcept

Default constructor.

aterm_int(aterm_int &&other) noexcept = default
aterm_int(const aterm &t)

Constructs an integer term from an aterm.

aterm_int(const aterm_int &other) noexcept = default

This class has user-declared copy constructor so declare default copy and move operators.

aterm_int(std::size_t value)

Constructs an integer term from a value.


  • value The value of the new integer.
aterm_int &operator=(aterm_int &&other) noexcept = default
aterm_int &operator=(const aterm_int &other) noexcept = default
void swap(aterm_int &t) noexcept

Swaps two integer terms without changing the protection.


  • t The term that is swapped with the current term.
std::size_t value() const noexcept

Provide the value stored in an aterm.

Returns: The value of the integer term.