Include file:

#include "mcrl2/atermpp/aterm_io_text.h
class atermpp::text_aterm_ostream

Writes terms in textual format to an output stream.

Private attributes

bool atermpp::text_aterm_ostream::m_newline

Indicates that terms are separated by a newline.

std::ostream &atermpp::text_aterm_ostream::m_stream

Public member functions

void put(const aterm &term) override

Write the given term to the stream.

text_aterm_ostream(std::ostream &os, bool newline = false)


  • os The output stream.
  • newline When true each term is written on a new line.

Private member functions

void write_term_line(const aterm &term)

Writes a term in textual format on the same line.