Include file:

#include "mcrl2/atermpp/standard_containers/vector.h
class atermpp::vector

A vector class in which aterms can be stored.

Protected types

type atermpp::vector::container_wrapper

typedef for detail::generic_aterm_container< std::vector< detail::reference_aterm< T >, Alloc > >

type atermpp::vector::super

typedef for std::vector< detail::reference_aterm< T >, Alloc >

Public types

type atermpp::vector::allocator_type

typedef for super::allocator_type

Standard typedefs.

type atermpp::vector::const_iterator

typedef for super::const_iterator

type atermpp::vector::iterator

typedef for super::iterator

type atermpp::vector::reference

typedef for super::reference

type atermpp::vector::size_type

typedef for super::size_type

type atermpp::vector::value_type

typedef for super::value_type

Public member functions

void clear() noexcept
iterator emplace(const_iterator pos, Args&&... args)
reference emplace_back(Args&&... args)
iterator erase(const_iterator first, const_iterator last)
iterator erase(const_iterator pos)
iterator insert(const_iterator pos, const T &value)
iterator insert(const_iterator pos, InputIt first, InputIt last)
iterator insert(const_iterator pos, size_type count, const T &value)
iterator insert(const_iterator pos, std::initializer_list<T> ilist)
iterator insert(const_iterator pos, T &&value)
vector &operator=(const vector &x) = default

Assignment operator.

vector &operator=(vector &&x) = default

Move assignment operator.

void pop_back()
void push_back(const T &value)
void push_back(T &&value)
void resize(size_type count)
void resize(size_type count, const value_type &value)
void shrink_to_fit()
std::size_t size() const override
void swap(vector &other) noexcept

Default constructor.

vector(const allocator_type &alloc)


vector(const vector &x)


vector(const vector &x, const allocator_type &alloc)


vector(InputIterator first, InputIterator last, const allocator_type &alloc = allocator_type())


vector(size_type n, const allocator_type &alloc = allocator_type())


vector(size_type n, const value_type &val, const allocator_type &alloc = allocator_type())
vector(std::initializer_list<value_type> il, const allocator_type &alloc = allocator_type())

Constructor. To be done later….

vector(vector &&x)


vector(vector &&x, const allocator_type &alloc)



Standard destructor.