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#include "mcrl2/core/load_aterm.h"

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atermpp::aterm mcrl2::core::load_aterm(std::istream &stream, bool binary = true, const std::string &format = "aterm", const std::string &source = "", atermpp::aterm_transformer transformer = atermpp::identity)

Attempts to read an aterm from a stream.


  • stream The stream from which the term is read.
  • binary A boolean indicating whether the stream is in binary of textual format.
  • format The format that is being read (for example “LPS” or “PBES”).
  • source The source from which the stream originates (the empty string is used for an unknown source).
  • transformer A funtion that is applied to every subterm of the read term.

exception * Throws a mcrl2 runtime error when an error occurs when reading the term.


std::string mcrl2::core::detail::file_source(const std::string &filename)