Include file:

#include "mcrl2/data/prover_tool.h
class mcrl2::data::tools::prover_tool

Base class for tools that use a rewriter.

Protected types

type mcrl2::data::tools::prover_tool::smt_solver_type

typedef for mcrl2::data::detail::smt_solver_type

Protected attributes

smt_solver_type mcrl2::data::tools::prover_tool::m_solver_type

The data rewriter strategy.

Protected member functions

void add_options(utilities::interface_description &desc)

Add options to an interface description. Also includes rewriter options.


  • desc An interface description
void parse_options(const utilities::command_line_parser &parser)

Parse non-standard options.


  • parser A command line parser

Public member functions

prover_tool(const std::string &name, const std::string &author, const std::string &what_is, const std::string &tool_description, std::string known_issues = "")


smt_solver_type solver_type() const

Returns the rewrite strategy.

Returns: The rewrite strategy