Include file:

#include "mcrl2/lts/sigref.h
class mcrl2::lts::signature

Base class for signature computation.

Protected attributes

const LTS_T &mcrl2::lts::signature::m_lts

The labelled transition system for which the signature is computed.

std::vector<signature_t> mcrl2::lts::signature::m_sig

Signature stored per state.

Public member functions

virtual void compute_signature(const std::vector<std::size_t> &partition) = 0

Compute a new signature based on partition.


  • partition The current partition
virtual const signature_t &get_signature(std::size_t i) const

Return the signature for state i.


  • i The state for which to return the signature.

Pre: i < m_lts.num_states().

virtual void quotient_transitions(std::set<transition> &transitions, const std::vector<std::size_t> &partition)

Compute the transitions for the quotient according to partition.


  • partition The partition that is used to compute the quotient
  • transitions A set to which the transitions of the quotient are written
signature(const LTS_T &lts_)