Include file:

#include "mcrl2/utilities/logger.h
class mcrl2::log::formatter

Mixin that takes care of formatting of a message.

In this case, the formatter

Protected static member functions

static std::size_t &caret_pos()
static std::size_t &last_caret_pos()
static std::string &last_hint()
static bool &last_message_ended_with_newline()

Records whether the last message that was printed ended with a new line.

static bool &last_message_was_status()

Public static member functions

std::string format(const log_level_t level, const std::string &hint, const time_t timestamp, const std::string &msg, const bool print_time_information)

Prefix each line in s with some extra information. The things that are added are:

  • current time
  • hint
  • log level
  • indentation