Include file:

#include "mcrl2/utilities/logger.h
class mcrl2::log::output_policy

Interface class for output policy.

Separates the exact way of doing output from the logger class.

Public member functions

virtual void output(const log_level_t level, const std::string &hint, const time_t timestamp, const std::string &msg, const bool print_time_information) = 0

Output message.


  • msg Message that is written to output.
  • hint Hint for the stream to which the output is written.
  • timestamp Timestamp to use in the output.
  • level The log level to print the message to.
  • print_time_information An indication whether the time must be printed.

Any implementation must assure that output is written using an atomic action, to prevent mixing of different lines into one line in the output.



virtual ~output_policy()