Include file:

#include "mcrl2/utilities/logger.h"

Enumerated types

type mcrl2::log::log_level_t


  • quiet
  • error
  • warning
  • info
  • status
  • verbose
  • debug
  • debug1
  • debug2
  • debug3
  • debug4
  • debug5

Log levels that are supported.


log_debugi with i>=1 automatically indent 2*i spaces.


type mcrl2::log::mcrl2_logger

typedef for logger

Default logger that we use.


constexpr log_level_t mcrl2::log::MCRL2MaxLogLevel

Unless otherwise specified, we compile away all debug messages that have a log level greater than MCRL2MaxLogLevel.


output_policy &mcrl2::log::default_output_policy()

The default output policy used by the logger.

std::set<output_policy *> initialise_output_policies()

Initialise the output policies. This returns the singleton set containing the default output policy.

log_level_t mcrl2::log::log_level_from_string(const std::string &s)

Convert string to log level.

std::string mcrl2::log::log_level_to_string(const log_level_t level)

Convert log level to string This string is used to prefix messages in the logging output.

constexpr bool mcrl2::log::mCRL2logEnabled(const log_level_t level)

Returns: True whenever the logging for the given level is enabled.

constexpr bool mcrl2::log::mCRL2logEnabled(const log_level_t level, const std::string &hint)

Returns: True whenever the logging for the given level and hint is enabled.