This page describes how to contribute to the mCRL2 toolset. To contribute by means of reporting issues see our issue tracker.

Contributions such as bug fixes, additional features or even fixing issues in the documentation can not be submitted directly to the official repository because of lacking write-access. However, these changes can be made in a mirror of the repository. On Github such a mirror is called a fork. The changes in a fork can be requested to pulled back into our repository by means of a pull request. This pull request will be reviewed by one of the developers who will provide feedback and potentially incorporate the change back into the official repository.

For information on creating a pull request from a fork see the corresponding Github documentation. To ensure that a pull request can be merged with minimal effort the contributor should make sure that it has no merge conflicts. The pull request should also be based of the master branch (which is cloned by default), because that branch is used for the latest development changes.

For additional information about our internal workflow see the developer documentation.